Instagram Update Let’s You Edit Captions And More

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The recent Instagram update gives you multiple enhancements features, most notably, the option to edit your captions on your posts. The ability to edit captions has been on of the social platform’s most requested features. “When you share a moment to Instagram, a typo shouldn’t get in the way. This has been one of the top requests that we’ve heard from the community, and we’re excited to finally bring it to you today,” Instagram shared on their blog post. To address this, users can now find the button to Edit posts in the menu underneath the posted image in the recent update (see middle photo below).Instagram also debuted a revamped discovery feature recommending accounts for users to follow under the new Explore tab. The Explore menu, which shows popular posts, has now been split into two tabs: Photos and People. The Photos tab still displays the same posts as the previous version (photos and videos that are popular within your circle of friends as well as those trending in Instagram).

“The new People tab highlights interesting accounts for you to discover,”  Instagram said on their blog post. The people Instagram would recommend would be those you’re connected to on other social networks, along with a preview of some of their most recent posts.
“In this update, we’re continuing to improve the Explore page on Instagram by making it faster to find people you want to follow. With this in mind, you’ll see that the Explore icon at the bottom of your screen has changed to a magnifying glass. When you open Explore, you’ll now see two tabs: Photos and People. The Photos tab has not changed. It contains the same scrolling grid of photos and videos you already know,” Instagram stated.
Overall, this is an opportunity for businesses to be able to control their branding through time and go back to edit captions, update hashtags, and more. How will you use the new features? Let me know in the comments!
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