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Instagram has taken a special advertising feature and launched Instagram Carousel posts to let users upload a combination of up to 10 videos and photos. Not only does it allow users to make one post, instead of uploading 10 separate photos at one time (you know who you are), it allows users (more so brands) to highlight a topic, event, or enhance their story telling on the mobile platform.
Below is the announcement post from Instagram:

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The multi-posts are denoted by a small icon and a series of blue dots below the first image. You can edit each photo individually, or filter them all at once (saving time for social media marketers). If you are looking on Instagram, a double box appears on the right corner of the post to also let you know you can swipe. Unfortunately, you only get one caption for the entire set, and although they now allow non-square photo uploads, every picture and video in the carousel must be square. So how can your business incorporate the carousel posts in your Instagram strategy? Below, we comprised four tips for you to think about:

1. Think Before Carousel Posting

With the new feature, many will be quick to use before thinking on how to really benefit from the carousel posts. Are you uploading just photos, videos, or a mix a both? Determine what the storyline would be between the posts. If you are saving your most important post for the end of the carousel, how are you going to keep your followers swiping?

2. Don’t Be Repetitive, Mix It Up Your Instagram Carousel Post

One thing you definitely don’t want to do it post the same photo in the carousel. You have the opportunity to upload up to ten photos/videos, but it doesn’t mean you have to. Depending on what point you are trying to make in your carousel post, uploading similar photos will decrease engagement on swipe and viewing the rest of the carousel post. Take a look at Tip #1 and be sure to think of how you want the carousel post to flow.

3. Track Your Instagram Carousel Posts

Test out what works best for your audience. Should the carousel post be all photos, all videos, or a mix? How many videos does it take for your audience to be disengaged? Really take the time to see what engagement is working with Instagram Analytics. You will have to set up your page as a Brand Page to receive the analytics.

Overall, the new Instagram Carousel post feature is very simple. How your business will utilizes this feature will be 🔑. Have question on Instagram Carousel? Reach out and let me know!

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