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About Alfonso

When I was 24, my life changed. I started The Creative Strategy Agency, Inc.. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “what 24 year old in their right mind would want to start a business… in the middle of the recession?” Well, I did. I am the type of person who knows what they want and will do what it takes to get there, no matter the amount of hours it takes.

In a very fast four years, I grew the agency to a staff of four and began working with a vast scope of clients ranging from startups to national companies in many industries from insurance to restaurant chains. I literally have the pleasure of saying I love what I do, and don’t consider what I do… “work”.

I’m an idea guy. I guess that’s why I am in marketing. I love strategizing and bringing concepts to life. I am always working on a new product or service related to marketing to help not only my clients, but hopefully reshape the marketing industry in western MA.

I love the concept of brainstorming and collaboration. I work with some of the greatest colleagues in western MA, so if I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.

I am passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship and economic development. Being involved in several community organizations and projects, I feel as though western MA has a rich pool of resources and talent, and I want to help people realize that.

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