3 Easy Tips To Increase Your Company’s Social Media Presence

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Social Media marketing has probably become the most accessible form of marketing and advertising for small businesses. Convincing people to follow your pages can be a challenge at times. From the social channels itself to the content you post, keep your presence updated. Below are just three (of many) tips for your business to increase it’s social media presence:

1. Optimize Your Profiles

Make sure your accounts are fully completed. Include a descriptive bio for each platform, a branded profile picture and branded cover photos. Make it easy for users to find you. Try to make your profile usernames similar and easy to identify between channels. Including keywords related to your business in your bio helps your account show up when people search those terms.

2. Know Your Audience 

Consider your target audience demographics. Why spend the time and effort creating social media campaigns if the people you want to reach never get to see them? Establish a presence on the social channels you know your target audience is using. Know how they want to interact online. Be social on social media.

3. Share Valuable Content

Want to keep your audience engaged? You need to give them a reason to to continue to follow you on that current platform. Also give them a reason to follow you on another platform. Keeping accounts connected or sharing the same content everywhere at once won’t help your content get shared. Spend time writing valuable content for your audience(s). Use eye-catching visuals (photos and videos) to have a larger impact on your post. The visuals will help guide the content in the newsfeed and increase clicks and engagement.

Social Media is not just about doing, it’s about planning. Take the time to understand your audience and provide value. Stay on top of the changing landscape keep your profiles updated. Reach out to me if you have any questions!

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